Best Rated Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric oxide supplementsNitric oxide is a critical molecule used in the body to dilate blood vessels for increased blood flow. The body produces small amounts of the chemical during digestion after a meal, during physical exertion and sexual excitement. Recently, it has been discovered that the molecule is a powerful contributor to effective muscle building, healing and regeneration. As researchers have discovered the benefits, nitric oxide supplements have become a popular component in many people’s workout routines. It is not illegal to use for professional training and so accessible to athletes of every level.

Benefits And Side Effects

Positive effects of nitric oxide supplements are proven to improve rapid muscle growth, healing and regeneration. The increased oxygen flow helps muscles to train harder when pushed in resistance training. Lifters can perform more sets with less recovery training while using a supplement.

Nitric oxide supplements side effects should be noted as well. Excess nitric oxide in the body can lead to muscle toxicity and promote the development of arthritis. People who use the supplements must be careful to drink the recommended doses of water daily and should not use the product if they are not exercising daily. If the body does not have a way to use it, the molecule will cause harm. This drawback does dissuade many users from getting on cycles of any nitric oxide supplements.

Top Rated Products

For people reviewing the best nitric oxide supplements, I personally recommend those three products that I tried myslelf with great results:

N.O.-Xplode#1 N.O.-Xplode is a popular drink powder and has a significant caffeine boost to further improve the performance of the product. It is highly regarded for helping lifters focus and recover during lifting. Those who use the supplement enjoy the ability to lift for longer periods with continued energy. Without consuming adequate water for hydration, some users have reported intense headache pain on resting days.

BSN Nitrix#2 BSN Nitrix is a similar supplement that is taken as a pill. It is combined with protein for maximum muscle results. It produces effects over time and user report experiencing better impact after about a week to two weeks of consistent use. Since there is no caffeine in the product, there are fewer side effects reported on rest days. Some users did not find that the product was fully effective in improving their workouts over the long run.

NoXide#3 NoXide is similar to Nitrix. It is also designed to be taken in capsules, boasts of twenty-four hour effectiveness. It takes time to build up the molecule in the body before effects are noticed. Like the other brands, taking a healthy dose of water while using NoXide is critical to exercisers feeling their best and working their hardest.


Because the effects of nitric oxide are documented and traceable, it is important for people to heed the warnings about staying hydrated while using it. Allowing the body to build up toxicity while taking the supplement can lead to arthritis and other health hazards. Used properly, this molecule delivers noticeable results to muscle function, endurance and the ability to lift day after day with increases.

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