5 Tips To Keep Fit During Christmas

Christmas cookiesThe Christmas holidays are a time of joyful abundance, celebration and, on more than one occasion, overindulging. Many people throw their goal to lose weight and their healthy eating habits out the window as the holidays approach. The event filled weeks leading up to the celebration are filled with office parties and neighborhood get-togethers. Alcohol, rich foods and decadent desserts are everywhere and time to exercise is nowhere to be found. The average person can gain up to 10 pounds in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, which could be avoided if a little self-restraint and smart splurging were involved.

Let’s Try Those 5 Tips

Before you eat 12 chocolate brownie bites and a plate of cheesy lasagna without even realizing it, try these five tips to insure that you stay in control.

1. Get in the habit of eating before you attend a Christmas holiday function. If you rush out the door on an empty stomach, by the time you finally arrive you will be famished and eat the first thing you see. Try to eat a protein snack or fat burning foods, like leftover turkey with some low-fat cheese and a bottle of water. This should fill you up and give you energy for the event.

2. Find something else to do upon arrival. Mingle. Do not get nervous and head straight to the bar, or worse, the buffet. Ask the host if they need help, find a chatty friend or relative and strike up a conversation or offer to hold a baby so a tired, new mom can eat. Keeping busy will help you avoid unwanted calories and, possibly even lose weight.

3. When you do head to the bar for your first cocktail of the evening, choose a low calorie beverage and drink lots of water in between.  Clear alcohol mixed with tonic is a good choice. Avoid drinks mixed with cream, liquors or soda pop because they add unnecessary sugar and calories.

4. If you get hungry, choose the smallest plate available at the buffet. Only select foods that you absolutely love or fat burning foods. Do not tell yourself that you can pile it on because you will exercise in the morning. Exercise should help you lose weight and get healthy not overdo it on Aunt Sally’s famous Swedish Meatballs.

5. Hit the dance floor. It is a Christmas holiday party so get out there and dance. Pretend it is a Zumba exercise class and have fun.

Staying fit during the Christmas holidays is not that difficult if you pay attention to what you are doing. Keep your goals to lose weight and exercise. Do not go overboard on sweets; choose healthy, fat burning foods instead. Remember to celebrate in moderation and you will not have an extra 10 pounds to lose as your New Year’s resolution.

I wish you guys Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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