Healthy Weight Gain Diet: What One Should Know About

Weight gain dietWhile many people are striving to shed extra pounds, there are some people who need to go on a weight gain diet. The true measure of whether a person is overweight or underweight is the BMI (Body Mass Index). A person that is not at his or her right weight is more prone to serious health problems. An underweight person should make a healthy weight gain diet plan until he or she is at the right weight.

What Should Be Eaten?

Any weight gain diet plan, be it a weight gain diet plan for men or weight gain diet plan for women, should consist of healthy foods. While junk foods will help a person to gain weight, they are bad for the body overall. The key to healthy weight gain is to eat plenty of protein and lots of healthy carbohydrates.

A sample weight gain diet would include fattening proteins such as red meat and cheese. Poultry and fish are healthy, but they are low in fat. A person on a weight gain diet will also want to drink plenty of whole milk. Eating healthy portions of carbohydrates is also important. Some good carbohydrates are potatoes, brown rice, whole grain bread and pasta.

Nuts are a good snack food to have in hand. They have high caloric value and are healthy and nutritious. Protein powders and energy drinks also help a person gain weight. One can also make homemade shakes using whole milk or yogurt.

Making a Diet Plan for Weight Gain

It is important to make a diet plan for weight gain. As the old saying goes, “Plan your work and work your plan.” Make a detailed plan of what will be eaten for meals and snacks on any given day, and then make sure to buy these foods beforehand and keep them in the refrigerator for easy access.

It is often best to eat five or six small ‘mini meals’ a day instead of eating the traditional three meals a day. Most people who are underweight are not used to eating much in one sitting. Eating smaller amounts of food more often helps an underweight person to gain weight faster.

It is important for a person to stay at a healthy weight. While the general fashion trend is to be slim, it is not healthy to be overly slim. A person that is underweight is as susceptible to poor health as a person that is overweight. An underweight person should plan out a good weight gain diet plan. A resistance training workout plan is also beneficial, as it will help a person to gain weight faster. In the end, a person that is at his or her right weight will be healthier, happier and more energetic.

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