Gastric Bypass Diet Plan: What To Eat After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass diet

Many people are overweight and constantly on a diet. If you are extremely overweight, you might be the perfect candidate for gastric bypass weight loss surgery. You should talk to your doctor about what to do before the surgery and after. A nutritionist and your doctor will help you to come up with the perfect gastric bypass diet plan.

What Is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Gastric bypass surgeryThis is weight loss surgery done for patients who are trying but cannot lose weight in any other means. If someone is extremely overweight and cannot lose weight no matter what, this is a good choice for them. There are 3 kinds of Bariatric surgeries:

  • lap-band,
  • gastric bypass,
  • and roux-en-Y gastric bypass to alter the size of your abdomen.

The gastric bypass surgery is performed to separate the stomach into a big part and a smaller part. The big one is of no use, and the smaller part will become your new stomach. You will have a special diet after gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric Bypass Diet Plan (Post Gastric Bypass Diet):

There are specific requirements after your surgery that you must follow for a gastric bypass diet. For the first 2-3 days, you should only have clear liquids. You will be weak, and you will not be able to eat anything other than liquids like water, sugar-free juice, and chicken broth. You should sip the drink and drink just a little bit before you drink more.

Then, after a couple of weeks, you can have soft, mashed-up foods, like jello, eggs, and tofu. You will not want to eat anything that is full of fiber. Your stomach cannot process it.

After that, you can eat regular foods, but in small portions. There is no room in your stomach, and you will make yourself sick trying to overeat. has a plan that is excellent for the post gastric bypass diet. They divide it into four stages of gastric bypass diet foods:

Stage 1: Clear Liquids containing no calories – You start this 3 days after your surgery or just previous, depending on what your doctor recommends. He will want to keep an eye on what and how much you are drinking. You would need to take in 3 ounces of clear liquids, 3 times daily.

Stage 2: Low-Fat Sugar-Free Full Liquids – After Stage 1 and 48 hours has gone by. You should take in 6 small drink meals such as Carnation Instant Breakfast mixed with some skim milk. You must drink it very slowly over an hour’s time. Your total liquid intake should be 48 ounces total.

Stage 3: Food that is Pureed – This usually starts within a couple of weeks after discharge. You will need to eat 6 Tbsp. of pureed food high in protein 3 times each day. You should not drink more than 8 ounces of liquid each hour.

Stage 4: Solid, Soft food – You can start eating these about 6 weeks after surgery. You need lots of protein to prevent hair loss and at least 48 ounces per day of liquids.

You will have to take special precautions in your diet after gastric bypass surgery. You will have to avoid meat and things that have a lot of fiber or fat. Working with your doctor, you should be able to resume your life at a lower weight. You will just have to follow your post gastric bypass diet.


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