Vitamin B12 Benefits For Men And Women

Vitamin b12 benefitsVitamin B12 is used in the human body for nearly every metabolic process, by most cells. Vitamin B12 benefits the brain, nervous system and blood formation the most and plays a critical role in DNA synthesis. Humans acquire the necessary vitamin from most meat consumption; concentrations are highest in fish and marine animals that have diets high in bacteria and algae. For this reason, research studies have indicated that vegans are often prone to dangerous B12 deficiencies. While many plants have some of the vitamin for their own life maintenance processes, they also have inhibitor molecules that prevent the human body from freeing the vitamin and using it.

Benefits of B12 Vitamin

As research has proven the numerous vitamin B12 benefits for men and women, the availability of supplement pills has sharply increased. Awareness campaigns have been launched to educate the population on the increased energy that B12 yields as well as the ability for mental acuity. Most energy drinks and popular energy supplements contain high doses of B12 to deliver the long-lasting blast of energy it can bring. These forms of ingestion can be effective, though people?s bodies can only digest so much before the rest is simply passed through the kidneys. In some documented cases, even individuals who eat diets rich in the B vitamin experience symptoms of deficiency.

  • mental health improvement
  • reducing asthma attacks
  • prevention of anemia
  • less prone to depression

Side Effects

Though thought to be rare, some bodies do not contain the necessary hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach to properly digest vitamin B12 foods. While a person?s diet may contain plenty of the vitamin, his or her body could be unable to free it for use in metabolic functions. The person taking a sublingual supplement with B12 can overcome this problem. By dissolving the vitamin under the tongue, the person will be able to begin the digestion of the vitamin in the mouth and absorb the needed vitamin there. While very few people are thought to have the condition that causes a need for sublingual B12, those who do may not be diagnosed until late in life because of autoimmune disorder mimicking symptoms.

B12 Dosage

Research has shown that overdoses of B12 are almost impossible. Because it is a water-soluble vitamin, the body is able to dispose of excess product through the kidneys as urine waste. Bright yellow waste is a symptom of B12 in the urine. Infants need only a small amount of B12, about .4 mcg daily. Children up to the age of fourteen are readily supplied with around 1.6 mcg while the adult daily recommended dose should be around 2.4 mcg daily. Pregnant and nursing women should be careful to eat a diet rich in the supplement since they are feeding multiple bodies. Recommended doses for expecting mothers are around 2.8 mcg daily.

VitaminsBecause of the importance of B12 for healthy body functions, no one should lack an awareness of what foods to eat to supply themselves with adequate amounts. The numerous health benefits of vitamin B12 are well documented. Most bodies can readily absorb the complex in their stomach, but those lacking HCl should endeavor to get the vitamin by sublingual dosage or vitamin B12 injections. Injections are painful and should only be used by people who cannot achieve nutrition in any other way. Since overdosing on the important complex is almost impossible, no one should be worried about excesses, unless they do not follow the directions on supplement bottles or the advice given by medical professionals.

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