5 Most Insane Fad Diets

Fad dietsIf you have been struggling with your weight, chances are you have hear of some of the most insane fad diets that claim dieters can lose more than 20 pounds in a short period of time. While there are crash diets that work, several makes promises they cannot keep. It is important for dieters to understand that fad diets are not intended for permanent weight loss. While you may lose weight quickly, once you return to your normal way of living, the chances of keeping the weight off without diet and exercise are not likely. If you are comparing short term weight loss solutions, refer to the reviews of the list of fad diets below and choose a diet that will not risk your health.

#1 The Chocolate Diet

The chocolate diet may sound attractive to those who do not want to eliminate sugar from their daily menu. Aside from chocolate, dieters are allowed to eat pasta, popcorn, and fruit. While the diet claims you can eat as much chocolate and pasta as you want, it also recommends avoiding sugars, salt, and sodium. Funny how these components make up both chocolate and popcorn.

#2 The Cabbage Soup Diet

Another popular fad diet you may have heard of is the cabbage soup diet. For those who do not like cabbage soup, steer clear. If you have regular cravings for cabbage, dieters can eat cabbage soup at any time they feel an urge to eat. The first 5 days of the diet are limited to soup and fruits. Day five, beef can be added. Dieters must follow the very specific recipe.

#3 7 Day All You Can Eat Diet

As if the previous fad diets were not instance enough, the 7 day all you can eat diet sounds like a buffet goers dream. While the name is cleaver, the all you can eat diet allows you to eat anything you choose from a very specific list. Monday you can eat any fruits whereas Tuesday you can choose any vegetables. If you are attracted to all you can eat, read the menu first.

#4 The Lemonade Diet

If you can live without food, this is one of the crash diets that require you to. The idea of this diet is to clean out your intestinal track similar to a cleansing diet. While you might be thinking you love lemonade, the version of lemonade in this diet is simply water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and pepper. Even though this is the master cleanse, it may be difficult functioning without any food in your system.

#5 The Metabolism Diet

While the name of the Metabolism Diet may sound legitimate, studies have not proven this diet increases metabolism. The diet requires you to drink four glasses of water or diet soda per diet and stick to a meal plan for seven days. While you can use condiments, the actual breakfasts and dinners are limited.

When you are considering using any of these crash diets, it is important to do research and make sure that there are no health risks. While these diets work for a short period of time, jeopardizing your health is not worth losing a few pounds fast. Do your research and choose a diet with a proven track record. If you are interested in another crazy diet, check out water diet.

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