Causes Of Childhood Obesity In America

Acupuncture for weight lossChildhood obesity affects youngsters throughout the United States.  When we look at the main causes of childhood obesity, we can begin to take steps to resolve the problem so American children can look forward to healthier lives.

One of the leading causes of childhood obesity is fewer families have mealtimes at home.  Many people do not realize the repercussions of this trend.  When families do not have traditional mealtimes, more and more children are left to fend for themselves.  They are more prone to relying on junk food, fast food, snacks, and processed foods they can prepare in the microwave.  Many youngsters skip meals, and binge later.

All of these patterns result in children consuming unhealthy foods.  While they are not as nutritious as most products prepared at home, most are also high in calories.  Ready-made meals can contain a considerable amount of fat and sugar, too.

When it comes to the causes of childhood obesity in America, when a child eats can affect what he eats.  Without specific times to consume meals, skipping meals can affect a child’s blood sugar levels.  Becoming too hungry can result in the child eating whatever he craves, rather than eating something healthy.  Consuming food based on hunger and cravings rarely results in healthy choices.

Lack of exercise is amongst the causes of childhood obesity.  Fewer children have learned to actually enjoy exercise.

Steps To Do To Prevent Childhood Obesity

When asking “what are the causes of childhood obesity?” it is equally important to find a solution.  One step is to encourage children and their families to have regular mealtimes.  Parents should make sure their children have breakfast before they go to school, and have a healthy meal on the dinner table every night.  This is not impossible, even if both parents have outside jobs.  Meals can be prepared in advance, and reheated.  Families can also use slow-cookers, so meals are ready when they get home from work.

The best way to implement regular exercise into a child’s everyday life is to make it fun.  Most children would love some type of sport, if they were given the opportunity.  They can also join a gym, or get into the habit of walking instead of riding the bus.  Parents can even encourage their children to be active at home.  Playing active games outdoors is an enjoyable way to keep weight under control.  Siblings, neighbors, and even parents can play in their own back yards on a regular basis.  It is up to the parent to set a good example.

The causes and effects of childhood obesity need to be taken seriously.  Children who are overweight have a much greater risk of numerous health problems.  Diabetes is one common problem amongst people who are overweight.  An additional factor is obesity affects children’s overall quality of life.  From being less energetic to being singled out for ridicule, obesity can take a toll in a youngster’s life.  The sooner these issues are addressed, the more children there can be in America who enjoy healthier childhoods and healthier futures.

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