Pros And Cons Of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgeryGastric bypass surgery has been around for several years now and is one of the fastest ways a person can lose weight. It is actually estimated that a person who undergoes this procedure creates a fine example on how to lose weight in 2 weeks. But as with any diet plan and procedure, there are always cons and risks that one should take into consideration before going under the knife. And since many people hear about the miracle life changing surgical procedure, it should also be stated what the risks and common problems are for people who have gastric bypass done.

Gastric bypass is a surgical procedure in which a qualified surgeon will staple a part of the stomach. The surgery takes about four hours and afterward, the patient comes out with a smaller stomach. Because of this smaller stomach, the person will not be able to eat large amounts of food and in turn, will lose weight. Patients can lose hundreds of pounds within just a few months, with or without exercise. The pros of getting this surgery done are many. The amount of weight one can lose within just weeks is proof enough that the surgery is worth the time and effort put into it. After following a strict gastric bypass diet plan for several weeks, patients still love the results they can achieve.

But what are the cons for getting gastric bypass? The preoperative, surgical procedure, and postoperative care that one needs can run into a lot of money. This poses to be a large expense for people who do not have health insurance. Many people who also get the surgery complain that they still try to eat like they used to before surgery. This overeating will lead to constant vomiting and sour stomachs. One of the biggest problems that people face is the added convenience of getting gastric bypass done. Many patients do not try to exercise on a regular basis because they feel they are losing enough weight. Patients will also have to take supplements and vitamins for the rest of their lives because they are not getting enough nutrients from the smaller amount of food they can now ingest.

Even though there are a lot of cons, many patients will say that the surgery changed their lives for the better. One thing is for sure, gastric bypass can completely renew a person’s self esteem and health.

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