A Simple Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Simple diet planSuccessful weight loss is more than just a simple diet plan. It is something that requires a person to have both a simple diet and exercise plan. A person can lose weight very easily with by a formula. As long as the dieter sticks to the main plan, he or she should be able to lose the desired amount of pounds.

Simple Weight Loss Diet Plan

The formula for weight loss is a very simple mathematical calculation: 1 pound=3,500 calories. That is all an individual needs to know to formulate a successful plan. The other thing that the dieter needs to know is how much weight he or she is planning to lose, and in how much time. For example, a person who would like to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks would need to lose a total of 35,000 calories. That sounds as if it is many calories. However, this weight loss is being spread over a period of ten weeks.

The goal for the previously mentioned diet is 3,500 calories per week, which equals 500 calories per day. These calories can be eliminated by exercise, reduction of diet, change in diet, or a combination of things. With a simple healthy diet plan, the individual would substitute harmful or fattening foods for foods that are more beneficial to his or her health. Snack cakes could be replaced with fruits and vegetables. Soda pop and sweet tea could be replaced with water. White bread can be eliminated. There are a number of things that can be done to lose 500 calories per day.

Coming up with a simple healthy diet plan may require some research and a trial and error period. A program that works for one person may not work for a different person. One element of dieting that is universal is the fat reduction requirement. Some of the daily calories that are cut should be from fattening foods. Protein rich foods are excellent to replace fattening foods. Food such as nuts, beans, eggs, and fish provide the body with a source of energy. They also boost the metabolism of the person who is ingesting them.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

A simple diet plan for weight loss should include vigorous exercise. A good rule of thumb program is to exercise for at least one half hour, three days out of the week. Cardiovascular exercises are the best for weight loss as they get the heart pumping. These are exercises such as the treadmill, bicycling, rowing, and stair stepping. Individuals who do not have the funding to join a fitness center can use walking and running as weight loss exercises. Brisk walking to the nearest shopping center is excellent for burning fat as well as toning up the legs and thighs.

With the simple formula and a well-disciplined exercise routine, an individual should be able to achieve his or her desired weight loss. It is possible for anyone who puts effort into it to achieve. It just takes a strong will and knowledge of what works.

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